As a business your adverts are important and should be in line with your brand message.

The Velvet Voice could be just the ticket to benefit  your profitability.

Voiceovers form a great connection with listeners helping translate a specific message to different demographics. The concept is to paint your brand as genuine with the power of voice. It is a useful resource so that relationships with clients can be more beneficial to business. Voiceovers offer a sense of the authentic that text messages and emails tend not to do.

Using my voiceover services  could  be just the thing you need to help you communicate your message to clients and if you’re still wondering why voiceovers are so important, here are some reasons:-


1. Authentic voice overs make lasting connections.

The inflection of a voice and tone, with emphasis on certain words can create a level of authenticity you need to get ahead of your competition.

It is important to note that a voice has distinctive characteristics that others can identify with. The sound of a professional voice over artist like myself  can take you through a range of emotions, soothe you to a level of understanding, or even motivate you to buy that holiday you wanted.  The voice over  artist transmits a personal sense of interest to lure customers to invest in your services and product in a few seconds.

As you cannot fit everything into a single image to properly describe your services and products,  the voice over artist will be able to create a full experience to help the customer choose you.


2. Your brand will be easier to remember with the use of a voice over artist

As a small enterprise, one of the most challenging issues of the marketing strategy is brand recognition.

Rather than hoping customers will see your logo and have an immediate feeling and good vibe, the voice over artist establishes a quick relationship that can easily translate to other aspects of your brand message.

Here is the kicker, by establishing a long-lasting relationship with one or a few voice over artists, you can elevate your familiarity with customers over time and secure repeated business with your clients.

Familiarity exudes transparency to your potential and recurring clients, so once you are able to find the right sound; your customers will be able to quickly identify who you are and what you offer.


3. The final goal is to get your customers to make a purchase, and a voice over artist can improve the odds with this for you far better than a blog post or social ads.

With a voice over advertisement or podcast, the voice over artist can blend the potential for the customer to make a purchase into a form of advice. For instance, the speaker can tell a personal story that ties into how the product or service could have helped them avoid a problem. In return, listeners will remember the story and relate the experience to their own, leading to a possible conversion and trust in your brand.

The voice over artist adds extra trust and persuasion that words alone can’t capture.


4. Variety is the name of the game with the voice over artist. It can be beneficial to a range of projects.

Let us share some examples the voice over  artist can help you realize:-

Video Narration— a VO can work wonders for your videos making them more informative without costing too much time or money.

Radio—Establish a radio presence with adverts that make you a household name.

eLearning—Create step-by-step instructional videos for your eCommerce website or offer exclusive content to show customers the full benefits of your product or service.

Audio Books—Inspire your subscribers with narrative stories to help nurture leads or produce industry tips and insights to keeping people informed.

Podcasts— A podcast for listeners to share knowledge and gain a following is a great idea.

There is no end to all the ways one voice can accommodate your small business needs, give you quick results, and cover more digital ground.

Cheesy commercials for various products can be funny, but they don’t establish trust or show how a company is run. To avoid missing an important opportunity to showcase your mission and values to a customer, hire The Velvet Voice, Maria Cusick.


What my clients say

I have finished listening to Anne of Green Gables.  I thought Maria was a super choice – she made the story even more lively and funny. Would love to proof listen to more in the series when she does anymore.

Philippa, Proof Listener, Bookstream Audiobooks

Maria’s voiceovers for us have been so professional. She can do several different variations with a script, this I love, and is what I expect to hear. It comes out far greater when Maria adds her creativity with her clear and warm professional voice.

It’s an absolute bonus that she is also a professional actor, as the scripts come alive for the client and they make the whole production come alive. I would recommend Maria to any broadcaster or producer for their next project.

Paul Tasker, Mighty Radio

‘Maria recorded  some jingles for our hospital radio station at a time when we were rebranding ourselves. She was very professional and easy to work with and the material we recorded is still very much a part of our station’s output.

She gave us exactly what we asked for and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a female voice artist.’

Brian Conlan, Programme Controller, Radio Heartbeat

Maria is a multi-talented VO, who delivers outstanding results for your media project.

Would highly recommend her.

Tony Topping, Author & Broadcaster

Maria has recorded a number of my original poems. I am delighted with the results – She has brought my work to life!

Laidlaw Wilson , Poet